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Then I went to sea. In a donut.

Not kidding.  Not experimenting with hallucinogenic snacks (but that would have made for a crazy donut ride).  Fall may be in full swing on the other side of the country, but here in SoCal we’re having an absurd heat wave. So … Continue reading

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The scariest (and most delish) vacation ever.

You may remember that I confessed my completely rational childhood fear of being buried alive by molten lava a while back.  Once I got over my crippling belief that the sunset was actually the red glow of magma coming to … Continue reading

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Writers block

“I know a neat trick with a tampon…wanna see?”.  Yeah, that happened.  Verbatim.  On Thanksgiving.  I love my family (please feel free to invent your own context, it’ll be even  more entertaining that way)! That’s only one of at least dozen … Continue reading

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Vacation hangover

Turns out, the farther you move from your 20s, the longer it takes to recover from a vacation hangover.  This debilitating condition is brought on by an excess of food, booze, friends, memories, and a lack of sleep and moderation.  … Continue reading

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Stuck – with no camera.

I have been stuck in a hotel room with the fat gerbil (aka Molson) and B for 2 days now and I want my kitchen back (and my California King-sized bed)! Confused gerbil in his temporary digs. We will have … Continue reading

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Catalina = awesome golf carts.

It’s Tuesday and I’m still recovering from a weekend of wedding coordination on Catalina Island.  I have a friend who owns an event planning business.  She was dumb trusting enough to ask me to go to Catalina and run this … Continue reading

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The Hangover Part 2.5 – Austin

Ok, so my weekend in Austin last month did not involve road trips, Mike Tyson, stolen tigers, Thailand or a wealthy Asian man trying to kill me. It did however involve a very chatty Peruvian and his mute friend, some … Continue reading

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