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Collaborating in the kitchen…

Ever come across some goings-on-about-town in your ‘hood and think “omg, I’m THE coolest person for knowing this totally  underground awesome thing exists” then find out it’s been going on for, like, 3 years?  That happened to us a few … Continue reading

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Then I went to sea. In a donut.

Not kidding.  Not experimenting with hallucinogenic snacks (but that would have made for a crazy donut ride).  Fall may be in full swing on the other side of the country, but here in SoCal we’re having an absurd heat wave. So … Continue reading

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The scariest (and most delish) vacation ever.

You may remember that I confessed my completely rational childhood fear of being buried alive by molten lava a while back.  Once I got over my crippling belief that the sunset was actually the red glow of magma coming to … Continue reading

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Why I’m a crappy blogger…

My friend Emily IMed me today and threatened to hack into my blog and change my “Why I’m a Crappy Daughter” post to “Why I’m a Crappy Blogger” if I didn’t post something soon.  For fear of being cyber-violated (and … Continue reading

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Yumyum de Mayo!

Yeah, I know. That makes absolutely no sense at all. I am fairly certain I’ve completely lost it. But when it popped into my head I couldn’t stop laughing like a drunk hyena at how ridiculous it I sounded.  So … Continue reading

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“It tastes like…like love”

Have I mentioned how much I love social media?  Probably not, since it actually scares the bejeezus outta me.  BUT without the magic of Facebookery, I may never have discovered the Chubby Bunny Marshmallow Company all the way over in … Continue reading

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Cheesy crack dip – veggie style

I’m sitting in the kitchen waiting for the neighborhood Superbowl party to start and figured it’s as good a time as any to write about the magic crack dip B brought to the table as part of the dowry provided … Continue reading

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