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Collaborating in the kitchen…

Ever come across some goings-on-about-town in your ‘hood and think “omg, I’m THE coolest person for knowing this totally  underground awesome thing exists” then find out it’s been going on for, like, 3 years?  That happened to us a few … Continue reading

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Why I’m a crappy blogger…

My friend Emily IMed me today and threatened to hack into my blog and change my “Why I’m a Crappy Daughter” post to “Why I’m a Crappy Blogger” if I didn’t post something soon.  For fear of being cyber-violated (and … Continue reading

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Oh, wait, I forgot.  I could not possibly care less about professional football (though if my father asks, GO GIANTS).  I love college football.  When B decided to go to a grad school with an exceptional team I adopted them … Continue reading

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Comfort food for fall

Eight years ago B and I hung up our snow shovels and moved to California. We haven’t looked back, but I do suffer from a bit of seasonal nostalgia right about now. Having grown up in the northeast, there is … Continue reading

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Tortilla Soup. Sort of.

More like spicy vegetable soup with a boat load of cilantro in it, but whatever. It’s a cold fall night here (and by “cold” I mean 62 and “fall” I mean it gets dark early), so soup was way more … Continue reading

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Memorial Day Madness (not really)

Memorial Day is a time to celebrate the brave men and women who have given their lives so that we may enjoy our freedom – freedoms like three day weekends, bbqs, baking, cleaning out the fridge, and combining food products … Continue reading

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The Hangover Part 2.5 – Austin

Ok, so my weekend in Austin last month did not involve road trips, Mike Tyson, stolen tigers, Thailand or a wealthy Asian man trying to kill me. It did however involve a very chatty Peruvian and his mute friend, some … Continue reading

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