Easy like Sunday morning

I thought I should take this rainy Sunday morning opportunity to inform you that I am a culinary genius.  Not that this should come as a surprise to anyone (that I think I’m genius, not the actual geniusness of it anything).   It’s rare that I actually make something I thought of all by myself (or at least with minimal enough influence from the interwebs to believe I came up with it myself).  But I’m staking claim to these (unless I’m blatantly stealing from someone out there…then I’m sorry. I promise I didn’t see your idea first).

I was in the store filling my cart with random crap to further clutter the drawer that drives B batshit healthy and nutritious food choices and saw these:

Marshmallows have been around approximately 857 years and these were just invented?  What the crap, marshmallow making people?  (and by marshmallow making people, I am referring only to the commercial producers of spongy, shelf stable for 40 years variety, not the creative masterminds behind Chubby Bunny – who, P.S. just came out with Snickers marshmallows that you should go buy because they sound fantastic).

Admittedly, there is a Rice Krispy Treat recipe on the back of this bag, but who wants plain old RKTs (ok, me, every single day.  but that’s not the point.)?  A few months ago I decided that since the s’mores craze was taking over the country leaving cupcakes to cling desperately to their 15 minutes of fame, a twist on the traditional RKT using Golden Grahams and milk chocolate chips would be amazing.  I was right, as evidenced by my snarky gay friends fighting over the last one at a party, then telling me about each other’s metabolisms for 20 minutes.

Anyway, I’m a huge supporter of pumpkin and graham crackers (I’m so completely obsessed with Ethan Adeland‘s pumpkin s’mores that I made them for breakfast the other day), so revisiting the Golden Graham Krispy Treat seemed obvious.  And delicious.

You should do this.  Today, if possible.  Oh, and don’t be scared when the marshmallows look absolutely disgusting when they’re melting.  Be patient and that something disgusting will turn into magic awesomeness.  For the record, that is the same advice I give B on particularly scary hair mornings.  I think he’s still waiting.

See?  Gross.  But then you put the GG in and it looks like this:

And all is right in the world again.  Then you invite a friend over to watch so good bad TV so you don’t feel bad about eating half the pan by yourself.

Even though, really, you’re the one who ate half the pan because you also made pumpkin cheesecake specifically for said friend, so she’s eating that instead.  Details.

Best part, these are super easy (like Sunday morning), so when you finish the pan give them all away, you can whip up another batch before anyone notices.

Pumpkin Golden Graham Bars
(adapted from:  the depths of my genius brain)

1 bag pumpkin flavored marshmallows
1 box Golden Grahams
3 Tbsp butter
cooking spray for pan
Optional:  Milk chocolate for the top

1.  Spray 9×13 pan with cooking spray
2.  Melt butter over medium heat in a large pot
3.  Add marshmallows and stir until melted (ignore aforementioned grossness)
4.  Stir in Golden Grahams and stir until coated (or til the cooling marshmallow is sticking more to you and everything within 4 feet of you than the cereal)
5.  Quickly press the mix into pan (I spray my hands with cooking spray or use waxed paper).
6.  Top with shaved milk chocolate if you want (I did this, you just can’t see it in the pictures).

Other things that would be good…mini milk chocolate chips stirred in at the last-minute.   Or top with chocolate and mini marshmallows for that extra special sugar high.

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4 Responses to Easy like Sunday morning

  1. sounds delicious, Bitsy.

  2. Danielle says:

    These were AMAZING! And I don’t even like marshmallows!

  3. Kim Jones says:

    yummy! Will have to try for the kiddos!

  4. lovemylabs says:

    Sounds amazing!!! I’m in 🙂

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