Why today is awesome.

1.  It’s Friday.  Which means that tomorrow I can sleep in after the dog wakes me up at 3 AM chasing invisible mutant zombie bunnies.  Fuzzy bastard is cute but nocturnal.

2.  New shoes.  I’ve worn the same pair of black pumps since 2004 (no, I don’t time stamp my shoes.  I know this because I bought them for an interview my first year in law school. I didn’t get the job, but I loved the shoes).  And I walk like a drunk baby giraffe in heels to begin with, so new shoes scare me.  And I’m cheap, so everything I buy is on clearance and never quite right.  So I sprung for big girl shoes to replace the ones that even the cobbler declared unsalvageable after bringing them in for new soles the 3rd time.  It’s true what they say about good shoes doing great things for your mood (I have no idea who actually says that, but it’s still true).

3.  These.  Portion controlled brie?  How do I nominate someone for the Nobel Prize of Awesome?


4.  This sign.  In a coffee shop.  Where evidently there is a proliferation of purchases made with counterfeit currency.    “So, yeah, that’s not a real hundy, you caught me.  Maybe the picture of Kevin Costner dressed as Ben Franklin gave it away.  Think I could get that back?”

5.  I made a version of this last night for dinner.  I’ll tell you all about that soon.

6.  New kitchen counters.  We’re moving in a month, so finally getting the counters we’ve talked about for 2 years right now makes perfect sense.  We’re freakin’ geniuses like that.  But they’re SO. PRETTY.

6.  (and this is the best one of ALL).  MY BEST FRIEND IS COMING TO VISIT.  In less than 2 months!  She lives 3000 miles away, we’ve been friends for almost 30 years (holy flaming crapballs), and we share a brain. Which is awkward, given the time difference and all.  It’s been over 3 years and 2 kids (hers) since she’s been here and my liver is almost healed from last time.  From the moment I woke up to the text that said “IT’S ON. What weekend in December works?” I’ve been giggling, on the verge of tears, and grinning like a bigger idiot than I actually am.  B is fairly sure I’ve taken up sniffing glue. Further proof he just doesn’t GET ME.

May your weekend be as fantastic as my Friday.

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One Response to Why today is awesome.

  1. lovemylabs says:

    As much as I missed seeing your face today, I’m glad you had a fantastic Friday. Mine should include a very early bed time as my Wednesday and Thursday were as epic as your Friday. Have a great weekend!

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