Then I went to sea. In a donut.

Not kidding.  Not experimenting with hallucinogenic snacks (but that would have made for a crazy donut ride).  Fall may be in full swing on the other side of the country, but here in SoCal we’re having an absurd heat wave. So we did what anyone longing for that crisp cool fall air and the sound of leaves crunching underfoot would do.  We BBQed in a donut while floating in the Pacific.

Learning how to drive the donut.

{I would like to point out on an only-vaguely-related note that Al Gore and his interwebs have finally gone too far.  At first I thought it was awesome that you could see into my car from space, but now I’m pretty sure they’ve bugged my office and possibly my bathroom and I’m feeling a little violated.  You know how after you send a completely personal and private email to someone about salmon or bridesmaid dresses or sock monkeys and suddenly every banner ad your computer can fit on a page has something to do with the topic of that email?  Yeah. Weird. But kinda cool in a nerdy, I’m too cool to care about Big Brother kind of way.  But when banner ads start reflecting the topics of your conversations? CREEPY and STOP IT.  I told someone at work about “the donut” and the next thing I knew, not only was there an ad for it, but the next day there was a Groupon for it.  Either I am remarkably on trend or there’s a microchip in my brain recording my conversations for marketing purposes. And, wow, that would explain that strange alien dream.}  But anyway…

Proving that we (probably) wouldn’t crash.

Though it looks like it should, the donut cannot be spun around using the table like the teacup ride at Disneyland (I tried), so we just puttered around, anchored, and cooked deliciousness.

kebabs + veggies = endless summer

B is the master of ALL the bbqs. Even the ones in donuts.

When we picked the orange orb of adventure, we were specifically instructed: “no getting air”.  Which immediately led to a brainstorming session where we could to jump this thing off a ramp.  Failing a suitable boat-jumping venue, we ate more food.

‘shrooms marinated in carne asada sauce. best meat substitute ever.


And then we puttered back under the covetous glares of people on “real” boats with bows and afts and ports and starbords and all sorts of other crap that round floaty bbq boats don’t have.  Because they’re too cool for directions.
In this case, though, jealousy is not a sin.  It’s a requirement.

Our lovely co-captain, Sayzie. Being a good sport despite having no idea where she was going.

The lovely Jessica

Donut-induced food bliss.  No actual donuts necessary.

Happy Indian Summer!

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2 Responses to Then I went to sea. In a donut.

  1. Danielle M. says:

    You didn’t mention that we were on a highway…. TO THE DANGER ZONE!! Great times, E-money =) 10/10, would do again.

  2. lovemylabs says:

    somehow this seems so normal for your weekend. I mean, why wouldn’t you be bbqing. in a donut. in the sea. Gotta love San Diego!!!

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