“It tastes like…like love”

Have I mentioned how much I love social media?  Probably not, since it actually scares the bejeezus outta me.  BUT without the magic of Facebookery, I may never have discovered the Chubby Bunny Marshmallow Company all the way over in New York (though given my hobby of choice and my unnatural love of marshmallows, I may have stumbled face first into them at some point).  However, it’s unlikely I would have figured out that the company is owned by someone with whom I spent several evenings in 1993 TPing houses (my belated apologies to Jeff Stoll’s dad, but that teen morale booster totally helped us win State Champs).  The interwebs make the world so. freakin. small.  And Kelly makes marshmallows so. freakin. well.

mocha flavored magic

Approximately 37 seconds after her inaugural post announcing the launch of Chubby Bunny, I was blowing up her sh*t and trying to figure out what I could create with the flavored confections.  I ordered the mocha flavor and lemon (she graciously threw in samples of peppermint, s’mores and bananas foster.  I created nothing but excessive work for my metabolism with those).  It took some imagination to decide on a plan for the lemon mallows, but the plan from the get-go for the mocha ones involved brownies.  Fudgy, dark, frosted brownies.

I’m not sure what was most telling about the success of this creation – the co-worker who took a bite and said: “It tastes like…like, love”, another co-worker who had given up sweets for Lent but ate one anyway, or the fact that B ate one and didn’t make a face. Either way, I count them as a win.  A win tainted by causing a co-worker to forsake eternal life in heaven for a baked good (I may not really understand Lent…that probably won’t happen).

I’ll take credit for the idea, but not for the recipes.  I followed the brownie recipe (and loosely, the frosting recipe, though I added more coffee) here.  I baked the brownies until they were almost done (toothpick didn’t come out clean, but there was no jiggle to the batter), covered them with the sliced bits of pillowy heaven thusly…

…and baked until heaven melted – about 2-3 minutes.  It’s difficult to test the brownie doneness at this point, the mallows are too gooey to test with a toothpick, but it looked like this:

Let this cool completely and frost with the mocha buttercream.  They’ll be gooey, but not undercooked gooey.  Just really rich and tasty gooey.  I recommend limiting single seating consumption to 6 2 brownies.  Between the coffee and the sugar, I can’t be responsible for your actions beyond the recommended dosage.  If you run naked through the town square with a herd of confused goats, don’t come running to me (at least not without putting clothes on first), I cannot help you.

You could probably make these with normal marshmallows, but you will be sorely disappointed.  Go to Chubby Bunny.  Order these (and other stuff) and enjoy them – in baked goods, cocoa or directly out of the bag.

**disclaimer:  yes, I know the owner of this company.  While I haven’t seen her since high school, she was awesome then.  She is even awesomer now because she is 1. still her, and 2. started a marshmallow company.  I have threatened offered to move in with her to eat everything help get things off the ground.  But I am not pushing Chubby Bunny on you because of all of that.  I’m pushing Chubby Bunny because they have an impressive, quality product, I like supporting small businesses as a general rule, and anyone who has the cojones to start their own small business doing something they love is aces in my book.

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8 Responses to “It tastes like…like love”

  1. Barb says:

    Oh my f-ing God I need to taste that

  2. And it looks like delicious 😀

  3. Barb’s comment says it all 😀

  4. Kelly says:

    They look amazing and I was just saying the other day that I kind of wanted to go TP a house!

    • HAHAHA. I have fantastic memories of “plotting” the TPing while sitting in Dunkin Donuts.
      Oh, and wait til you see my lemon idea…it better come out as well as the picture in my head becuase I’m a little too excited about it.

  5. Joanna says:

    impressive coffee bean styling! Really brings out the marshmallow… woot woot.

  6. lovemylabs says:

    They really did taste like love. I am anxiously a-waiting for the lemon deliciousness yet to come.

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