Love, vows and a whole lotta cupcakes

First things first:  I would really like someone to explain to me where all of the tiny scratches on my arms and hands came from.  I look like I was attacked in my sleep by a pack of pygmy ninja kittens.  Either they can pass through solid matter (like all good pygmy ninja kittens should) or B’s not quite as adept at screen door repair as he thought.  Further investigation is required.

Anyway…I couldn’t even attempt to post about the wonder that was this past weekend on Sunday night.  I could barely move, much less lift my fingers to type witty and amusing commentary.  Between decorating 120 cupcakes, building a cake for the bride and groom, concocting 150 marshmallow s’more pops, figuring out how in the hell to display all of that, transporting it to the venue and dancing like a mentally unstable (but lovable) walrus to early 90’s rap all night, man, my body is still was showing its age.  I’m too old to jump around, jump around, jump up, jump up and get down.

This is the before (nearing the end of the decorating phase of the weekend), just to give you an idea of what the after must have looked like:

All of this awesomeness (including the early 90’s rap) I owe to the uber organized, enthusiastic, unstoppable force that is MD.  She flew into town on a cloud of energy (ok, she was actually on an airplane, but the energy ball is SO much more super hero appropriate) and did nothing but help people pull their sh*t together all weekend.  All while taking photos, making new friends, eating In-and-Out Burger, carrying cake boxes and being my DD when I rewarded myself for a job well done with 17 glasses of champagne (yes, that’s an exaggeration, no need to call Intervention, Season 712).  I dub ye, MD, the Champion of Awesome.  I’ll come up with a costume later.  It will involve a cape.  And glitter.  And the glue gun.

Long story, well, longer than I intended, here are some photos of the desserty goodness I was honored to furnish for this most amazing wedding.  I didn’t take any of these, I’m blatantly stealing from wedding guests, but there will be some kick-ass photos coming soon from my favorite husband-wife photog team, I Heart AS.  I’ll post them as soon as I have them.

Torching the red velvet with marshmallow frosting (cake recipe here – one batch of makes about 20-22 cupcakes):

The other two cupcake flavors hand picked by the bride and groom (in the midst of a crippling sugar high) are Boston Cream Pie & Lime Margarita.

I’m not boasting or anything here (that’s a lie), but the S’mores cake has been dubbed, by one Ms. Amy Benson as “Heaven In My Mouth”.  Should I ever start a bakery, that is precisely the description going on the display card.  Amy, we’ll discuss royalties at a later date.  You, too, can have heaven in your mouth.  The recipe is here (don’t worry, it’s a cake, sickos, you can click on the link).

(photo also by Amy Benson)

The whole shabang:

Last, but absolutely the most important of all, are my wishes for the new Mr. & Mrs.  The spectacular wedding day was the culmination of a week of harrowing and heartbreaking events you just can’t make up.  Yet, in a remarkable display of strength, the glowing bride, groom and their families created a day full of light, grace and palpable love.   From the sentimental and witty vows to the bride’s brother’s toast that made me wish I had a sibling, there was no end to the personal touches.  I am so thrilled for my dear friend and her new husband and I am still recovering from the overwhelming awesomeness of the weekend (and 7 lbs of Mexican food).

Slainte, my friends.


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3 Responses to Love, vows and a whole lotta cupcakes

  1. Danielle M says:

    I love that first photo of you =)

    Desserts look amazing, as per usual! I’d like to taste one of those margarita lime cupcakes at some point in the near future….

  2. thelegaltart says:

    How did you keep sane making all those cupcakes. They look delish!

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