That’s Ante Meridiem, people.  0745.  On a Saturday.  I generally forget that time actually exists. Of course it does, but only if I have a plane to catch, a trapeze class or the most fun of all – the heating and A/C tune up guys coming during their only available time: 8-9 AM. Guess what?  It’s 9:02.  They’re not here.  Guess who’s NOT getting waffles?  Them.  I ate them ALL, Suckers.  They’re not getting coffee either. There are some things I just don’t share.  (Don’t worry, I wouldn’t have actually offered the repair people breakfast, I’m not that Donna Reed.)

I figured since I was A. awake and B. housebound, it was the perfect time to break out the waffle maker my bff sent me in July for a test drive.  I also figured that 0745 was not the appropriate time to start attempting to make things from scratch, so I entered the vast unknown of waffle making with a William Sonoma mix.  Since you still have to add ingredients and whisk stuff together, I’m going to go out on a limb and say making waffles from scratch is probably not all that different than using some (very tasty) powdery substance from a can.

I did all this before pouring my first cup of coffee.  If you know me, you’ve just fallen off your chair in shock.  I hope you didn’t hurt yourself, I’d feel partially responsible for that.

So, I set this bad boy up:

Refused to read this (because how freakin’ hard can a waffle maker be?):

(I later caved and perused it to figure out how much goo was supposed to go in the goo cooker.)

I made this (more accurately, I whisked this):

My depth perception was distorted thanks to the lack of caffeine in my bloodstream. Know what?  The top of that thing gets screamin’ hot.  One might deduce that, given that it cooks both sides of the batter and all…but one with such power of decuction would probably have had a cup of coffee.  Oddly, my appetite was not squelched by the combined smell of burning flesh and new non-stick coating…though is that supposed to smoke so much?

 I’m oddly skeptical about new appliances (and other novelty items) that seem too easy to work well.  This left me pleasantly surprised…and full of cinnamon grahamy waffley goodness. 

Breakfast – with a side liquid coherency – is served.

Is 10:00 too early for a nap?

(P.S. if any of you East coasters make some snide remark about even needing heat or A/C in SoCal, I’m not making you waffles either.)

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2 Responses to 7:45

  1. Barb says:

    Very pretty iron. I’m sure the can is yummy and all, but I highly recommend this recipe:

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