Stuck – with no camera.

I have been stuck in a hotel room with the fat gerbil (aka Molson) and B for 2 days now and I want my kitchen back (and my California King-sized bed)!

Confused gerbil in his temporary digs.

We will have no food in our house when we go back to it.  Literally.  We will have condiments, but nothing else.  Clearly an afternoon at Costco and TJs is in order…but the important question is, what do I make first?  Since I enjoy torturing myself, I brought this awesome birthday gift from my sister-in-law to the hotel.

Soo…Root Beer Cake (blogged about here)?

Banana Espresso Chocolate Chip Muffins (are you freakin’ kidding me?  Could this combine more of my favorite things in one handy dandy grab and go sized breakfast treat?)

Or perhaps something from my newest blog obsession, Always With Butter? (even if you don’t want to cook, go look at the photos, they’re ah-may-zing)

I’m jonesing for something apple based too…maybe because it’s been foggy and chilly every AM we’ve been in this hotel, which is making me think of fall, but apples aren’t in season and I feel I should resist half-assing it, for fear of tremendous disappointment.

Oh, and I still need to use my waffle maker.  Good GOD I want to go home 🙂

Have a vote or a suggestion or something you want to see me make?  Post it!  I’m going shopping in 6 hours.


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One Response to Stuck – with no camera.

  1. Make the Banana Expresso Chocolate Chip Muffins and make sure you eat one for me, your glut-tard friend! why are you in a hotel? did i miss something?

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