Seriously. Jalapeno bacon.

You didn’t think I’d do it, did you?  You thought “yeah, right, she says she’s going to do stuff all the time then never posts it.  She’ll go home and take a nap/see a squirrel/decide to organize her sock drawer/rescue a wombat from a tree instead.

Well you know what you are, friend?  You are WRONG.  And I am full of bacon.

Surprisingly, there’s not a wealth of information on the interwebs on how to make this creation, which shocks me because you can figure out how to make felt booties for your cat (or rescued wombat) on-line, but when it comes to making jalapeno bacon, you’re pretty much left to your creative devices.  Unless you want to go to the second page of OOOOOs in Google.  But who has the attention span for that?

In true scientific method, I opted for not one, but two versions of this creation.  The first involved cooking the bacon in a pan with fresh jalapenos.

This magically turned into…bacon…and fried jalapenos. Both really tasty, but neither really carrying the flavor of their pan-mate.

Option 2 was bacon soaked in juice from a jar of the peppers, then baked with the peppers on it.

This produced a better jalapeno flavor for sure, but not a really crispy piece of pork (which is a personal criteria for my bacon).

Look, the jalapenos even left little oven tan lines!

My scientific conclusion is this:  soak the bacon in the juice.  Don’t put the peppers on top to bake.  If you want really crispy bacon, combine the two processes.  I think the soaked bacon pan-fried with the peppers would have been the way to go.

When B texted this morning and asked how it went, I told him not quite spicy enough.  He replied with “habanero bacon”.  This is why I married him.

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3 Responses to Seriously. Jalapeno bacon.

  1. Jalapeño Bacon? Sounds delicious! I have had burgers with bacon and added jalapeño but just as simple as both ingredients… sounds quite tempting! too bad I don’t have any bacon in my fridge… 😦 must buy some to test it out.

  2. emmymom2 says:

    This post just really made me want bacon… hmm what should I make for dinner tonight that uses bacon???

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