35 is the new…um, 30?

As I sit here on the last evening of my birthday weekend (yes, I get a whole weekend, what of it?), I’m reflecting on 4 days that managed to be the perfect balance of celebration, relaxation, great food, amazing friends, wonderful family & love.  I am the luckiest 35 year old I know.  Here’s a smattering of the weekend festivities for those who missed them (or don’t remember some of them):

My chocolate chip cookie cake at work (complete with my initials) from a co-worker!  A sweet way to start 35.

Birthday dinner at Banker’s Hill Bar & Restaurant with B.  If you’re in SD, go here.  Take pictures of your food.  Your significant other will look at you and say “you’re ridiculous”. Pretend you’re deaf.  If you like spicy stuff, order the Conquistador.  It’s a fresh margarita with muddled jalepeno.  Do it.  You know you want to.

Awesome flowers from B.  Aren’t the fluffy ones fun?

And then came Friday…

This makes me giggle every time I look at it (and yes, I’m sober in this photo).  My trapeze friends decided we need a cowgirl themed trapeze day, so clearly a bedazzled tank top, jeggings, bad ass granny glasses and a pink cowboy hat were the obvious birthday gift.  The hat definitely made the rounds that night.

Later that night at a Mexican place down the street, I was adorned with a sombrero and given a tambourine while the staff sang happy birthday to me (that’s our awesome waiter on the left).  I think they quickly regretted handing me the tambourine.  I’m certain my friends wished they hadn’t.

And this shows just how well my friends know me:

Kitchen appliances, cookbooks, olive oil and booze.  Oh my!

How cool is that bottle of wine?  The winery where we went tasting had just bottled it but hadn’t managed to get it labeled yet.  They sold it to us anyway.  And I can’t wait to bake with my citrus olive oil!

I really don’t drink much, but you wouldn’t know it from this post.  Or that cookbook selection.

My parent’s live about 2 hours from here, so on Saturday, I met them half way for lunch and mom brought cupcakes.  She made them red, white and blue because I was born on Bastile Day.  And the French flag is red, white and blue.  Yeah, I needed it explained to me too.  And no, we’re not even a tiny bit French.

My dad is like a cartoon character who really likes cake.  He’s also awesome and lets us schmear frosting on his face.  In public.  But his pants also fall down in public occasionally, so I guess frosting is really no big thing.

My parents rock.

My mother takes her gift wrapping very seriously.  I get that from her, but I haven’t reached her level yet.

She is also a little OCD when it comes to themes.  She gets something in her head and she runs with it.  When she found out my bff sent me a waffle maker, she took it to the next level.  She probably expects me to make waffles next time she comes to visit.

More of my patriotic cupcakes just because I liked the photo.

And now, as my birthday weekend comes to a close, here are the cupcakes for the NEXT birthday – the co-worker who made me the cookie cake.  Quid pro quo, Erin, quid pro quo.

Mini banana cupcakes with cinnamon cream cheese frosting.

Bring on the mid-30s!  (oh, and if anyone out there is still looking for the perfect gift to send me, I still haven’t received a 5 foot metal chicken.)

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7 Responses to 35 is the new…um, 30?

  1. niki says:

    Looks like an awesome weekend! And I fully support your mother’s waffle theme. 🙂

    And VERY cool about the wine. Hope it’s as delish as the story is cool!

  2. Joanna Jacob says:

    Word to the 35. I am feeling good too!!!! We are definitely going for the birthday drink that never was when I get to SD in September, and we can toast each other! Your mom and dad rock. I knew that already, but come on with that gift wrapping.

  3. lovemylabs says:

    Sounds like the best birthday ever!!!

  4. Happy Birthday! Can’t wait to read about the yummy waffles you have yet to create!! Glad you had such a great bday!! xxoo

  5. Omc your parents are too cute and fun! Looks like you had a wonder celebration – loved the photographs. Your blog makes me want cupcakes!

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