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Adios, amigo

You know how they say most people have a “work spouse”?  I don’t know who “they” are or how they know where I work, but you know the person I mean.  The co-worker you tell all your stupid personal, not … Continue reading

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35 is the new…um, 30?

As I sit here on the last evening of my birthday weekend (yes, I get a whole weekend, what of it?), I’m reflecting on 4 days that managed to be the perfect balance of celebration, relaxation, great food, amazing friends, … Continue reading

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Birthday Girl!

So, tomorrow is my 35th birthday (today by the time most of you read this).  For the last month, that fact has REALLY bothered me for no truly graspable reason.  Way more than 30 ever bothered me.  In fact, I … Continue reading

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Fabulous Fourth

I hope everyone had a relaxing, fun-filled fourth.  I did. I went to Newport Beach to prematurely celebrate my birthday with a friend.  We walked around the street fair and she had to talk me out of buying these: Last … Continue reading

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Fun with feta.

Because, really, why wouldn’t you be having fun with feta? I think I’ve mentioned that people at my office love to eat.  That is probably the subconscious reason I go to work every day.  To surround myself with people who … Continue reading

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