Food trucks are taking over the world

Maybe not.  I think Starbucks and Walmart still have a leg up on world domination, but they are taking over the SoCal culinary scene.  They united this weekend in a parking lot full of fantastic food and gluttony.  Nothing says Happy Father’s Day like food out of truck, right?

I like the name.  And the spicy pork sliders, which of course was my favorite thing and the only thing I didn’t photograph (it was also the first thing I ate and I was hungry).

yes.  it was.

Before the crowds

Korean Fried Chicken

Don’t panic.

See?  Told you not to panic.

we made quick work of that

oh, the choices.  of which fresh baked cookie to pair with which ice cream flavor.  sigh.

I went pretty old school.  Chocolate chip with peanut butter cup ice cream.

I’m still full.  Yet I think I might have to make cookies sometime in the very near future.  Like, tonight.

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One Response to Food trucks are taking over the world

  1. niki says:

    I’m very intrigued by the guava goat cheese ice cream. I’m not exactly sure with which cookies to pair it but I’m really perplexed by that combo.

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