Brunch…the most important meal of the weekend.

I have a co-worker who shares my deep love and appreciation of the finer things in the culinary world.  Specifically, tater tots.  We’ve had entire conversations revolving around tater tots.  These conversations eventually morphed into the obvious – a meal planned around tots.

I love breakfast food, but I rarely make it. I might have manipulated the tots conversations into an excuse to host a carb laden brunch.  I might have gone a little overboard once I decided to host a brunch.  I might not feel one ounce of guilt admitting that.  It was worth every buttery, syrupy, eggy, cheesy calorie.

I’m not sure where to start…blueberry stuffed french toast (or what was left of it anyway)?

Or sausage, spinach, and mushroom strata (pre-cooking…it was destroyed to quickly for a post-cooking photo)?

How about zucchini, feta and ricotta tart?

Or an army of tots (served with a wide array of possible topping combinations including homemade chili, cheeses, green onions, salsa and ranch dressing)…

We also had these yummy biscuits compliments of my friend Howard…

Fruit salad, bacon, and mimosas rounded out the menu.

Fitting all of these how-tos will make this post obnoxiously long, but I will post throughout the week…all in time for you to make them next weekend so you, too, can feel as comatose full and happy as I am.  *burp*

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5 Responses to Brunch…the most important meal of the weekend.

  1. Barb says:

    Ah, we have something else in common! I have a recipe for creme brûlée French toast I’ll leave for you this weekend 🙂

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  3. lovemylabs says:

    What a feast! Thank you so much for your culinary skills and hospitality…everything was delish 🙂

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