AKA what to do with the contents of my refrigerator.

B’s gone for 2 weeks.  My fridge is full of really random scraps of leftover ingredients.  I hate throwing away food.  Time to get creative.

This is what the inside of my fridge looks like right now:

This mess includes, but is far from limited to:  three different types of sliced cheese, 2 left over hamburgers, a crock pot full of chili (made with other leftovers), sliced raw onion,  huge bags of raw spinach, baby carrots and mini peppers, milk, coffee creamer, some leftover cinnamon cream cheese frosting (what?  it’s really good on a spoon graham crackers), a single rotisserie chicken breast, and a huge mason jar of pepperoncinis.  I find this sort of culinary chaos kind of stressful.  And I’m hungry.  Not a good combo.

This is what the door of the fridge looks like.  We really like our condiments in this house.  I’m not even going to show you the freezer.

So, ever since making a dessert with puff pastry a few weeks ago, I’m completely obsessed with it. I made a small army of pigs in a blanket for our Memorial Day BBQ, and I have a sheet left over (but not a single piggie.  I swear, they vaporized right into my mouth into thin air).  Kitchen sink puff pastry was the dinner decision of the evening.  I just started pulling stuff out and this is what transpired:

1. sautéed raw sliced onions in some olive oil

2. chopped up some of the mini peppers, added to onions

3. added some spinach to the mix

4. threw in the rotisserie chicken breast (shredded), fresh basil, and some balsamic vinegar for flavor

5.  Cut the puff pastry sheet in 4 squares, topped each with a slice of mozzarella cheese.
6.  Tried to stuff puff pastry triangles with the chicken/veggie filling (ended up overstuffing and making a tasty mess).

7.  Baked at 350 for about 30 mins.

Ate with a little Dijon mustard (one of SEVEN different mustards in my fridge). Surprisingly SO good. I would actually make this again on purpose.

P.S. While they cooked, I organized the fridge.  I can feel my blood pressure returning to a safe level already.

And while I cleaned, my giant gerbil looked for anything gravity might have determined was his to consume.

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5 Responses to Dinner.

  1. Barb says:

    Dude. Seriously, that looks f-ing amazing. Yum!

  2. Danielle M says:

    Good work! I find it so difficult to do the whole “let’s see what randomness I can mix together from my fridge” thing, so kudos to anyone who can do it successfully! You should start a series where people give you a list of what’s in their fridge and you tell them what to make!

  3. lovemylabs says:

    Truly inspirational. Can you come by and (1) make me tasty puff patries and (2) clean my fridge? Please?

  4. That looks fabulous! AND, you crack me up!! xxoo

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