The Pop Secret

For as much as I love to bake, I tend to gravitate towards salty snacks over sweet.  About a year ago B saw some show on the Food Network (otherwise known as the Only Network B Watches) about, among other things, making popcorn without a microwave.  He made it that night and we’ve been hooked ever since.  And by hooked, I mean we eat it almost every night.  By we, I mean B, me and Molson.  Molson freakin’ loves popcorn.

Some people buy booze by the handle.  We buy popcorn by the handle.  Yes, that says 8 POUNDS of popcorn.  Yes, it’s empty.  Time for a trip to Costco.

I mentioned my absurd love of popcorn in my last post and thought the rest of you might want to make popcorn “from scratch” too.  Chances are, if you were born after 1980, it wouldn’t occur to you that you CAN make popcorn at home without a microwave.  Indeed, you can, and it’s so very worth it.  The best part is, you can flavor it to your liking – spicy, salty, sweet, all of the above AND you don’t get any of those nasty chemicals in microwave popcorn.  I like my popcorn without a side of death.

Tonight’s flavor:  a cumin, white pepper, garlic powder and cayenne pepper blend.

Check out these little buggers.  They’re gonna be HOT:

Our method is this:  In a large dutch oven, heat oil (about 3 Tbsp) and popping corn (about 1/2 c) on medium high heat (I put it between 5 and 6 on my gas stove).  Believe it or not, that will be enough to fill the pot when it’s popped.  Cover the pan with the lid slightly askew to release the steam, but not so much that kernels can pop out.  You can also use a splatter screen instead of the lid if you have one.  We’ve tried it with canola oil, olive oil, and a weird butter flavored oil they sell in the popcorn aisle.  My personal favorite for flavor is the olive oil, but all three worked.

I add the flavoring after the corn is popped, adding a pinch at a time and tossing in a bowl.  Then Molson & I eat the entire bowl before you can say Orville Redenbacher.

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2 Responses to The Pop Secret

  1. i LOVE pop corn too! best present i ever got was an antique hot-air pop corn maker (ok, fine, it was a plastic model of it!) – i used it so much the machine caught on fire! oops!! xxoo

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