Oh Baby (shower)!

I bet you thought I forgot about you.  Or that my ninja alter ego was finally felled by Chuck Norris.   But fear not, friends, that crafty ginger hasn’t found me yet (and I could never forget about you).  Truth is, I was in Austin, TX last weekend for a little R&R and while I had every intention of posting the gazillion photos of food I took (much to the annoyance amusement of my traveling companion Kate), last week turned into a whirlwind of crazy.  Somehow last week became this weekend and so now I should tell you about the baby shower favors I made for my dear friends Darcy and PJ.  To mix it up, I decided to do my favorite sugar cookies & some fancy-pants chocolate covered pretzels.  Not to toot my own horn and all, but I’m pretty excited with the results.

The final products.

First, the sugar cookies…I am a HUGE fan of Amanda of I Am Mommy/I Am Baker.  She is so creative and if you check out her pages, you will see she is also infinitely more patient than 97.693% of the population.  I use her sugar cookie and frosting recipes every time I do a cookie favor – I love them.  I took photos along the way of this one, but really, you should go to Amanda’s site – she does great tutorials and explanations.

I used this onesie cookie cutter to make a small army of, well, baby onesie cookies (don’t need to be a neurosurgeon to figure that one out, I guess):


That’s about half of the army

Bad pictures of the finished product:

(In case you’re wondering, Sadie is their dog)

As usual, the color is all off on this one.

The presentation.  And for anyone who wants details, I used a #1 piping tip to write/draw/make polka dots, etc. with the icing.  The backgrounds I did free-hand with a small offset spatula.

Now the pretzels:

Hehe.  Rods.  Um…anyway…I melted dark, white and milk chocolate in tall glasses to facilitate dipping (though if I do them again, I would try to find something disposable to use, getting the left over chocolate OUT was a mess).  I melted it in the microwave at about 15 seconds intervals, stirring and repeating until fully melted.   For toppings I used Easter colored sprinkles (closest thing I could get to baby shower colors), crushed heath bar and crushed blue M&Ms with white chocolate chips.  You can really use whatever you want for this.  Reese’s pieces would be awesome, but they didn’t work with my color scheme.  The tricky part is getting the toppings to stay on.  At no point in this process did I master that step and my kitchen is still covered in assorted sugary mess.  I will tell you this – you need far less chocolate on each pretzel than you think, so scrape off the excess with a spatula.  Too much and the topping will adhere to the chocolate, but none of it will want anything to do with the pretzel.

Let the chocolate cool just a little – when it’s still hot, the same lack of adherence (is that a word?) will take place.  It needs to be tacky, but not drippy – that’s the best way I can describe it.  Then just roll the pretzels in the topping and place on a cooling rack or wax paper to dry.

They were really tasty…

I’m proud to say that for the first time I can recall, all but a handful of favors disappeared from the shower even before the last guests left.

There will be no photo of the day today because this post is way too damn long already.  Happy Monday!!




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5 Responses to Oh Baby (shower)!

  1. Those look too cute to eat! xxoo

  2. 36x37 says:

    Fabulous! Erin, it’s clear to me that you are very, very good at this. Your onesie cookies are adorable, and your “fancy-pants” pretzels look like they could be sold in a high-end chocolatier. Excellent!

  3. niki says:

    Have that whole shipping thing nailed down yet? Because it’s that or you’re coming back east to make them for the shower for A. (Which, personally, I’d prefer but I’m not sure how baking in my kitchen with two young squirts in your hair way would work out for you.)

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