Interactive wish list

Unlike most Mondays, I have no new food to share today.  That’s not to say I didn’t get my bake on this weekend, I did (that made me sound like a stoner, but you know what I mean – I hope).  I can’t share said baked good with you yet because 1.  I was in a rush and didn’t take any photos AND because 2.  it was a test run for something that may or may not be the first beta shipment to a not-so unsuspecting recipient.  I will divulge that I’m kinda cheating on this whole beta testing thing because said baked good really won’t be that challenging to ship.

SO, in lieu of showing you something I made, I am going to show you things I WANT to make in the near future.  Feel free to suggest the order in which I should make these, or add ideas of your own.  I’m always up for suggestions (and Sarah, I know I owe you your macaroons).  OH – also, I’m soliciting dairy-free baking ideas (eggs are OK), if you have some, bring ’em.

Thanks to a friend of a friend, I found the Food Crossing blog this week.

I’m kind of in love.

I want to make this:


Carrot Blood-Orange Bread – I totally stole this awesome photo straight from her blog.

And these (can you say Meatless Monday??):


Indian-Spiced Greens Handpies – this photo also blatantly stolen from the blog

And, well, pretty much everything else on Hillary’s blog, but you can go there and read all of her recipes.  Those are my top 2.

I can’t go on How Sweet It Is without wanting to make pretty much everything she’s ever posted – her photos, writing and ideas are all to be envied.  By me.  I have blogfoodphoto envy.  She also shares my love of bacon.  Of all the tasty treats, though, these are on the top of my list.


Double Fudge Oreo Crunch Cookies. Bet you can't guess where I pilfered this photo.

I’ve been obsessing over them since I read the post.

Other things I want to try making in the near future include:

The lime-basil bundt cake in my Kiss My Bundt book.  Cuz it just sounds funky/good.

My mom’s cream puff recipe with raspberry-cream filling.

French onion soup from scratch.  Love to eat it.  Never made it.

Something with barley.  I’m feelin’ me some barley lately.

Stay tuned for any/all of the above, some crazy-ass hail photos and a potato recipe I’ve been promising my dear friend Niki I’d post.  She’s not letting it go.

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6 Responses to Interactive wish list

  1. Everything looks DELISH! No worries about the macaroons! I made the guy who dated an Italian and managed to pilfer a recipe for meatballs the other day – DELISH!!


  2. WOW! My English was IMPRESSIVE….I meant that I made the meatballs….

  3. 36x37 says:

    Yum. These look fantastic.

    Listen, I have a whole slew of dairy/egg/nut free recipes. (Both my boys have food allergies.)

    Here’s a recipe for some sugar cookies I’ll be making tonight for my son’s in-class birthday party tomorrow:


    Good luck with your Beta testing!!!

    • erin lyn says:

      Those cookies look great! Thanks so much for the recipe, I can’t wait to try them (and check out the Gluttonous Vegan). I’ll post my attempts!

  4. Jo says:

    ha HA~ beta testing… yay!
    I have a recipe for french onion, and will be sending it your way. It involves cognac, as all good things do.

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