It’s the little things

B & I have a dog named Molson (yes, after the beer).  He’s 14 1/2.  He’s 80+ lbs of pure chocolate lab love.  And he’s awesome.  He was originally B’s family dog – still is, really – but when B’s parents moved from house to condo, he came to live with us in CA and I’ve adopted him step-mom style.  Though he’s arthritic, almost deaf and lumpy, he’s still ridiculously happy, and that enthusiasm for life and anything edible rubs off on me every time his tail wags so much I think he might knock himself over (it’s happened before).

Pet me, feed me, pet me, feed me
(and ignore the mess behind me – my humans are slobs)

This weekend, while attempting to clean out the Bermuda Triangle of crap that is our garage, our neighbors stopped by to bring the woof a bone.  Not just any bone – a big fresh bone from our local butcher.  Molson is a whore for attention and food.  When he gets both at the same time, I start to worry he’s going to stroke out from pure joy.  Between the attention from our very thoughtful neighbors and the giant bone he wouldn’t put down, he was as excited as a kid on Christmas morning.   While I sat on the driveway being anti-social so I could try to capture that canine emotion with my mediocre photography skills, it made me realize that happiness can truly reside in the little things.  Some affection from an unexpected source (or expected for that matter), a treat (be it chocolate or, um, a leg bone), or just sitting in the yard appreciating your surroundings.


I don’t think this is right, but I’m not letting go.  You can’t make me.

What you can’t see in this picture are the guttural groans of happiness coming from the creature.  What you can see are his old man eyebrows.  Aren’t they great?

So, the next time you find yourself wrapped up in the minutiae of life, go find a dog or a kitten or whatever animals make you happy and take pleasure in how happy they are just to see you.  If you really need a lift, bring them a snack.

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8 Responses to It’s the little things

  1. Thanks for sharing! I need a dog! xxoo

  2. CuppySkully says:

    “…go find a dog or a kitten or whatever animals make you happy and take pleasure in how happy they are just to see you.”
    I totally agree with you.

    My boy, Moshi, is 7 years old this year, he’s starting to develop arthritis and has been on glucosamine vitamin this past 2 months. I hope Moshi can be as happy as Molson is when he gets older.

    Say hi to Molson. 🙂

  3. 36x37 says:

    Oh, I love your Molson. Who’s a good boy? Who’s a good boy!

    I’m starting to think we’re twins separated at birth. My first car’s name? Molson, yes, after the beer.

    • erin lyn says:

      That’s awesome! B and his dad used to go fishing in Canada a bunch right around the time Molson came along. My guess is they drank a lot of beer there too. 🙂

  4. Jo says:

    OH MY GOD. Molson’s debut. I miss him.

  5. niki says:

    I had to leave the office this morning for coffee. (Someone, not me, might have otherwise been injured if I didn’t re-caffeinate. ) Fortunately for me, Starbucks is in the same lot as PetSmart.

    I parked next to a woman who, in the back of her Highlander, had two 6 week old balls of pure Golden fluff. She was closing the hatch when I hopped out (I had spotted them when I pulled in and intentionally WAITED for the spot next to her so I could ooogle), saw my face, and asked (as she was already re-opening the hatch in anticipation of my “DUH” response), “Do you want to see them?” I said, “Yes, please if you don’t mind!” As expected, they melted my heart, were so soft and beautiful I almost cried at their pure adorableness, and most importantly, lowered my blood pressure.

    We don’t slow down enough or step back far enough to see the big picture. That’s for sure. Love & miss you & Mr. Molson.

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