From California, With Love

Welcome to the obligatory Valentine’s Day blog post.  Because I was too lazy busy this weekend to upload the baking photos from Friday’s work Valentines Day/Safety celebration (we LOVE safety here, people), I have nothing to show you today in the form of food.  That will have to wait.  I also have no exciting romantic plans to share with you because it’s a Monday, and when holidays fall on a Monday, it’s all I can do to remember them, much less plan for them.  So in lieu of all the stuff I don’t have to share, I will share this. A top ten list of things I love.  I’m not going to include the obvious – of course I love B, my wonderful family & friends, our big doofy dog.  It’s pretty clear I love baking and cooking. I’m not sure I’d call it love yet, but I definitely have a healthy obsession going on with a certain trapeze bar.

So, here are 10 more things I’m not ashamed to admit I love (in no particular order):

1.  Beautiful Girls – the movie.  Natalie Portman as a precocious kid. Timothy Hutton’s quote: “I’m now going to check your freezer for human heads” after  Michael Rapaport’s crazy-ass monologue about the existence of beautiful girls.  I love everything about this movie.

2.  Fresh flowers.  I am both cheap and unnaturally guilt ridden when it comes to throwing things away, so I don’t have them in my house often, but when I do, they make me really, really happy.  They don’t even have to be from B, but that makes them about a gazillion times better.

3.  Uggs.  They’re ugly, I get that.  The name is the noise you make if you get punched in the stomach.  People in SoCal look ridiculous to people in the Northeast (and pretty much everywhere else) when they wear them in April with shorts and tank tops.  But I love them. I don’t wear them with shorts or skirts, but I wear them pretty much every other chance I get.  I’d say it’s like wearing sheep on your feet, but that’s just a little disturbing.

4.  A really good foot massage – or any good massage really.  It’s an indulgence, an extravagance – but I don’t care.  I’ll eat Ramen for 2 weeks if I have to when I’m jonesing for a massage.

5.  That Perfect Day.  They don’t come along as often as they should, but when they do, the high can last for days.  Usually unplanned, the Perfect Day can be anything.  It’s the day when the stars align, everything goes right and you fall into bed thinking “hell YES” – like a spontaneous gathering of friends at the beach on a gorgeous day when you have nothing else to do (or just don’t care if you “should” be doing other things).

6.  The fact that – oh my GOD – B just showed up at my office to give me these:

I’m in a little bit of shock.  The good kind.  Red roses on Valentine’s Day = totally cheesy (and totally unlike B), but I LOVE LOVE LOVE that he did this.  The crappy iPhone photo doesn’t come anywhere close to doing these flowers justice…they’re stunning.  And now I have these AND list item # 2 taken care of.  I swear I knew nothing of this when I started the list (and sorta feel bad for having nothing planned other than a card).

7.  [gimme a sec, I’m still in shock from #6]…ummm…apples!  I really love a good apple.

8.  Getting a really good deal on just about anything.  See number 2.  I’m cheap.  I love a bargain.  The Banana Republic Outlet store is my mothership.

9.  Shoes for babies.  I don’t have kids, but I have plenty of friends with kids.  I have bought completely useless footwear for most of them.  If you can’t walk yet, you really don’t need shoes, but they are SO STINKIN’ CUTE.

10. Singing in the car. And when I say “singing”, I really mean belting out whatever is playing at the top of my lungs and totally off key. I don’t care that the top is off the Jeep.  I don’t care that the guy in the next lane clearly thinks I’m an escapee from a mental institution with questionable taste in 80s hair bands.  When I’m in my car, I’m Jennifer Nettles, Pat Benatar and Suzanna Hoffs all in one (with a little bit of Steven Tyler thrown in), and I dare you to prove otherwise.

There you go. 10 things I love, with a fab little surprise thrown into the middle of the day. Any suggestions on worthy reciprocation are welcome (and needed. Like I said, all I have waiting at home is a lowly card)!

Love it, hate it, or completely indifferent about it – Happy Valentine’s Day!

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6 Responses to From California, With Love

  1. lovemylabs says:

    This is an awesome list…and I can attest that the picture of these flowers does NOT do them justice. I’m not a huge fan of roses but these are magnificant. Nicely done. I’ve never owned a pair of Ughs but have secretly coveted them for a long time. I’m pretty sure if I lived somewhere warmer than San Diego, I’d have a pair. Oh, and I definitely agree with the sing your heart out in the car theory. Happy Valentine’s Day!

  2. I love the perfect day! Love cut flowers as well! Happy Valentine’s Day! (I think that it is a dumb holiday and I am glad it isn’t too celebrated over here in Europe!!) xxoo

  3. 36x37 says:

    I love your list! And I love that 2 and 6 are so closely tied. Glad you got those flowers, friend. Every good woman deserves a bouquet once in a while.

    I’m with you on all of your 10–especially those baby shoes. Baby toes are the only thing cuter.

    Hope you had a great day!

  4. Jo says:

    Dude. I got some bargain UGGS from Target, and they were my favorite cold weather purchase to date. I was seriously considering whether they are appropriate to wear with a suit, this week, since we got hit with inches and inches of snow.
    Also, I got flowers and marshmallows for valentines day. these boys. Your roses are gorgeous… and how did B. show up at your office? did that involve a plane trip?

    • erin lyn says:

      I never responded to this Jo…no, no plane trip. He’s home these days. Only up north one week a month til he’s done. He just had to drive the 8 minutes to my office 🙂

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