Sometimes, you have to let the gnomes win.

Guess what I did this weekend.

NOTHING.  I did nothing. At least not in the kitchen.

he looks innocent and all (if not mildly psychotic), but he's not. from

Friday night I decorated and delivered the 3 dozen mini bundt cakes ordered for a Saturday baby shower and when I returned home evil garden gnomes had attacked my kitchen, covering it in a fine layer of powdered sugar, chocolate ganache, lemon juice, cream cheese and butter.  I swear, the kitchen was NOT such a picture of destruction when I left.  I need to keep a closer eye on those damn gnomes.

After cleaning up after the naughty gnomes, I wanted nothing to do with producing anything that would involve post-production cleaning.  So instead I filled my Saturday and Sunday getting my hair cut, going to the grand opening of a friend’s coffee shop, trapezing, having pizza and beer with awesome people, falling asleep in the sun, watching the superbowl commercials during the superbowl and finishing a book.  All in all, a pretty fantastic weekend, but now I’m jonesing to bake something.  Sigh.  Maybe I can teach the ninja gnome to clean.

Photos and recipes from the baby shower bundts (lemon blueberry, red velvet, & chocolate chip) shall be posted forthwith.  I need to train my gnomes how to upload photos first.

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