Mea Culpa

This is a public apology to my co-worker Liz, who repeatedly berated me for putting baked goods in the break room for all to try rather than in the hallway where my team sits for first dibs.

I admit, the motive behind my action was that I wasn’t going to take credit for this particular cake.  It’s good, but nothing monumental, and edibles tend to disappear into a black hole of calories in the break room.  However, I can’t lie to Liz, and she asked me point-blank if I’d made the cake, so I had to come clean.  She then beat me swiftly about the head and shoulders with a cane switch (metaphorically speaking, anyway).

So, for Liz, I present to you One Pan Chocolate Cake part Deux, from one of my favorite and most ridiculous cookbooks, the Marlboro Country Cookbook.

More on that book in another post…

Incidentally, I think this might have all been a cleverly executed ploy by Liz to get a second dessert dedicated to her in a week.  A tip of the KitchenAid to you, Liz.  Well played.

This really is the only vessel you need to make this cake (this and measuring cups, actually).  Any dessert that doesn’t involve complete destruction of my kitchen is aces in my book.

The ridiculous book actually opens to this recipe.  They have prettier pictures than I do.

Here is the recipe.  I’m being incredibly lazy this morning.

Dry stuff with wells. They’re there, I promise. They’re just hard to see with my awesome photography skills.

Dry stuff with wet stuff (all but the coffee).

All done – you could certainly frost this cake if you wanted to.

It’s so moist and fluffy, it won’t even stand on a corner.  Super easy, super fast.  Totally worth trying (did I just make my cake sound like a conflicted hooker?)  If you would like a printable version of the recipe, just ask.  I’m not THAT lazy.

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5 Responses to Mea Culpa

  1. Danielle M says:

    I heart you and your Marlboro cookbook.

  2. niki says:

    yum. yum yum yum. yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuum. best. cake. ever.

  3. Liz Brilliant says:

    I must admit that I was insistent that Erin let her work colleagues be the judge of what is/what is not acceptable whenever she bakes. It was a self-sacrificing effort (and for the good of the order), that we be the front-line tasters – we do take our assignment seriously – usually there’s nothing left for anyone outside of our little circle BUT it is what it is . . . and I did get another cake – absolutely fabulous! Thank you.

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