My Civic Duty

My predictions were way off.  There was next to nothing blog-worthy about my day at the Hall of Justice.  It just sounds like monumental things should happen there, or at least amusing things.  I witnessed nothing monumental (or terribly amusing).  In fact, the day was completely uneventful, save the guy who decided to sit next to me after the lunch break.  He sat one chair away and asked how I liked my computer, in a low, drawn out way that screamed “I might just be a serial killer who still lives with my mom, but maybe I’m just as bored as the rest of the people in here.”  Though after asking about the computer, he asked about my phone, then he commented that “he noticed I had a lot of gadgets.” While he’s not wrong (I armed myself for a day of waiting with my laptop, Kindle, iPhone and my work Blackberry), I’d only been back from lunch for 10 minutes and at the most I’d looked at my laptop and iPhone.  So either he made said observation before lunch and relocated to discuss it with me after the break, or he had x-ray vision into my bag.  Either way, go-go gadget AWAY.  But then someone turned on a TV in his line of vision and he spent the rest of his tenure as a potential juror laughing at something I couldn’t see.  My only solace in that was that other people were laughing too, so I can only assume he wasn’t laughing (exclusively) at the voices in his head.

I was not picked to be on a jury.  Not surprisingly, I never saw the inside of a courtroom. I’m ever so slightly disappointed by this because I actually do believe, for the most part, in our justice system and wouldn’t mind being a part of it for just a little while.  But I have done my doodie duty and am free of the Man for the next year.  On to bigger and better things…the contractor comes this morning to measure for our NEW KITCHEN COUNTERS.  I’m stupidly excited about this and in the back of my head I’ve decided that it’s the answers to all my food pictures sucking.  We’ll see.  Happy Friday!

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2 Responses to My Civic Duty

  1. Howard says:

    What type of counter tops are you going with? Thought I would check this out since you mentioned it to us all at lunch.

  2. niki says:

    are you redoing your kitchen?!… how did i miss the infoooooooo?

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