Food coma

I think I’m just now recovering from the absurd consumption that was Thanksgiving week.  I don’t even know where to start…brain still smothered in gravy. Aside from the actual Thanksgiving meal, the baking, the baby shower cupcakes (which were super cute if I do say so myself) and the general nuttiness that is a family Thanksgiving, there was the eating out.  My in-laws were in town from Wednesday to Saturday which always makes for a smorgasbord of fabulous food.  There was Italian Wednesday night, Turkey Thursday, lunch AND dinner out on Friday (funky American food and Thai, respectively), then a big brunch on Saturday.  How I rolled myself to work yesterday is fast becoming the 9th wonder of the world.

One thing I learned during this week of gluttony is that my family thinks that photographing food before a. cooking it or b. eating it is really freakin’ weird (ok, more my husband’s family – mine is used to my odd behavior).  For those who don’t know, I started this blog while the husband has been away for his first semester of grad school, so while he knows about the blog, he hadn’t witnessed the building blocks.  Confusion as to why I would delay the consumption of the food solely for the sake of a blog four people read ensued.  I was mocked gently teased and my camera was confiscated.

What photographic evidence I have of the week along with menus and recipes will be posted as soon as my fat little fingers have de-bloated enough to handle an SD card.

I didn’t manage to get any photos of the meals eaten out either (admittedly, that’s my fault, I forgot my camera), but if you live in or visit the San Diego area, I highly recommend these establishments: Any restaurant that has “Giant Meatball” listed as a side dish is aces in my book. Do yourself a favor and get an order of mac and cheese for the table.  Trust me. This is a hole in the wall that I hope survives despite the fact that it’s usually empty when I’m there.  Their food is great, the owner is hysterical and the service rocks.

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!!

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2 Responses to Food coma

  1. niki says:

    Thanksgiving, over ate, blah blah blah. You, me and the rest of the world (well, America at least). Let’s not kid ourselves and get to what’s important… photos of baby shower cupcakes please!!!!!

  2. I actually baked 2 apple pies this year! No Thanksgiving for me in Spain – forgot to pre-order a turkey (they only have them in stock around Christmas time…otherwise, they will butcher one for you!!)…but anyhow, the first pie turned out LOVELY (you can see the photos on my FB page) and the other (for the in-laws) was a total FLOP – no top part because the dough wouldn’t work. I love reading your blog and taking photos of food is fun! Your blog actually makes my mouth water – I can’t eat a ton of things – gluten, sugar, dairy products just start the list – so seeing the photos lets me sort of taste it!! I have a friend who is absolutely OBSESSED with taking photos of her food at restaurants! I say, do whatever makes you happy!!

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